Human Resources

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In line with our company’s goals and strategies, our human resources policy is based on the vision of becoming a leading technology company in the national and international arena by hiring qualified individuals and ensuring their commitment.


Hiring Process


Selecting the most suitable candidate as a result of interviews conducted according to our needs and staff requirements forms the basis of our recruitment policy. You can apply for jobs at our company online through our website’s job opportunities section or via

  • After your applications are evaluated and suitable candidates for the position are determined, candidates are invited for a preliminary interview.
  • Candidates who are deemed suitable in the preliminary interview are invited to our company for a second time to meet with the relevant department manager.
  • All applications to our company are kept confidential.

Welcome to LST

Orientation programs are implemented for each employee who starts working at LST, explaining our company’s culture, organizational structure, and workflow, and ensuring that individuals can adapt more easily to the company in their early days.
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Performance Evaluation

Performance evaluations are conducted once a year to assess our employees’ performance in achieving common goals, determine future business targets with their managers, and identify and resolve deficiencies as soon as possible.
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Career Plan

After each performance evaluation conducted in our company, career planning is made, and our employees’ goals and expectations are reviewed once more.
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Training Opportunities

To reach the high goals set by our company and always be an important link in the chain, the required competencies and qualifications are provided to employees through training opportunities and certification chances offered by LST.
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More Fun

Various cultural, artistic, and sports activities are organized in our company to reduce work stress, increase motivation, and strengthen communication among employees. Go-Kart, Bowling, Paintball Tournament, Football Tournament, picnics, and year-end dinners are some of the motivation-oriented activities held in our company.
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I Have an Idea

Suggestions submitted by employees are evaluated in the following categories, and appreciated suggestions are rewarded by the suggestion evaluation committee:

  • Customer satisfaction (internal/external)
  • Quality
  • Creative/Innovative thinking
  • Cost Improvement
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